According to the Law on Provision of Tourism Services, which was adopted by the Croatian Parliament at its session of 01. January 2018. , company The Agent travel agency, announces the following:

1. Company and headquarters: The Agent travel agency, obrt za usluge i savjetovanje, turistička agencija, vl. Dejan Kapac, 10000, Zagreb, Pavlenski put 5J

2. Name and surname of the manager: Dejan Kapac

3. The property in which it performs and the powers it possesses: owner and manage

4. E-mail address, telephone and fax number, and working hours for users where it is possible to establish direct contact with employees of the travel agency


Phone: +385 91 3499811

Working hours: on appointment

The number of court or other public register in which the tourist agency has entered this register information Competent court

Commercial Court in Zagreb

MBS 97977870,

OIB 03257716195

Status No procedure

Subject of business:

79.11. travel agency,

73.11.-marketing agency,

74.90 other professional, scientific and technical activities,

82.30.organisation of meetengs and business fairs,

79.12. – activities of travel organizers (tour operators),

79,90.-other reservation services and activities related to them,

70.22.-consulting related to business and other

5. Director, represents the Company individually and independently Legal relationships: Noted with of ministry of tourism of Republic of Croatia under number: 683/2020

6. personal identification number or VAT identification number if the taxpayer is to pay value added tax OIB 03257716195

7. Details of the competent body whose official supervision is subject to the activity of the travel agency Ministry of Tourism – Independent Sector of Tourism Inspection Trg maršala Tita 8 / I, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

8. NOTIFICATION ON THE METHOD OF SUBMITTING THE EXPLOITED CONSUMER PROCEEDINGS In accordance with Art. Article 10 Paragraph 3 of the Consumer Protection Act (Narodne novine, No. 41/14) informs consumers that complaints in which they express their dissatisfaction with the purchased product or the services provided may be submitted in writing in these business premises and they will without delay, in writing, confirm receipt of that objection. An objection can also be filed by post to the following address: The Agent travel agency, obrt za usluge i savjetovanje, turistička agencija, vl. Dejan Kapac, Zagreb, Pavlenski put 5J, Croatia or in e-mail address: The response to the written complaint of the consumer will be given in writing no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint, so please give us your complaint in response to your contact address for delivery of the response.

9. General business terms

1. Offer of The Agent travel agency, obrt za usluge i savjetovanje, turistička agencija, vl. Dejan Kapac, Zagreb, Pavlenski put 5J (here in after referred to as the Agency), deals with the mediation of tourist excursions for the guests – on behalf of hotels and on behalf of the other agencies, accomodation and providing tourist informations, dealing as a mediator for renting a boat, car, scooter and bicycles

2. Reservation and payment Inquiries for booking services are received only electronically, in writing or by telephone. When making a reservation, the customer confirms that he is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions. In this way all the above becomes a legal obligation for the guest and for the agency. In addition, subject to these General Terms and Conditions, the Agency reserves the right to include special conditions for each booking. Payment is by bank transfer.

3. The price of the service includes a basic service as stated in the Service prices are agreed directly between Agency and Guest. In the event of a change in the price of a vessel after the application has been made, and before the advance payment has been paid, the agency undertakes to notify the guest immediately about it and send it a new bill. Guests who have paid the agency’s advance guarantee that the remainder will be charged on the basis of the previous calculation according to which the guest has booked service on the vessel.

4. Description of service The offered services are described on our web site and in our agency. Customers are informed about the service with all the details

5. Agency’s right to change and cancellation The Agency has the right to change or cancel the booked service if there are exceptional circumstances that can not be avoided or eliminated before or during the break. The Agency then offers alternate service with the assistance of the owner, but only with the approval and consent of the guest. The offered service should be of the same or higher category at the price of the service upon which the guest confirms the reservation.

6. The guest’s right to change and cancel If a guest wants to change or cancel a reservation made on his request, he should do so in writing. n the case of a fixed booking of service, the date of receipt of a written cancellation is the basis for calculating the cancellation costs:

•To cancel the reservation up to 60 days prior to the start of use of the service, 50% of the amount of the paid advance will be returned to the client less the amount of the manipulation costs.

•To cancel the reservation from 59 to 1 days before the start of use of the service the customer will not be refunded the advance payment. If the guest does not arrive at the service meeting point on the time of the beginning of the service and has not informed the agency or the service provider in advance, the reservation is considered to be canceled and the costs are calculated according to the above.

7. The Agency’s duty is to take care of the implementation of the service and also of the choice of the owner and of the rights and interests of the guest in accordance with the customs in tourism. The owner is obliged to ensure that guests are provided with all the services they rent and therefore responds to the guest due to the potential nonperformance of the leased services or part of the service. The Agency and the owner shall exclude any liability in case of change or failure to perform services caused by force nature.

8.Obligations of the guest Guest is obliged to: Possessing the correct travel documents and the permits to operate the vessel – respect all regulations of the Republic of Croatia

9. Complaint resolving The complaint procedure: -If a guest at the destination is not satisfied with the condition of the service, it is necessary immediately upon arrival inform the agency, ie the complaint immediately to the owner. The guest is obliged to cooperate with the agency representative and the owner in good faith to do so the causes of dissatisfaction have been removed. If the complaint is justified and provided the service of the owner Not satisfactory, the agency will do everything to get the customer an acceptable solution that responds to the service paid to the owner. Agency or owner may not be a guest in substitution service offer a lesser value service. -At the latest within 8 days after returning from the trip, the guest must send the written complaint to the agency (with the owner’s signed a report on the situation and eventual invoices on the incurred costs). The Agency is obliged to settle the objection within 15 days of the day receipt of the objection. The guest waives the mediation of any other person, court institution or providing information to the media while the agency does not make the decision. This excludes the right of the guest to compensation for indirect damage. Did not a guest advertise on the site of the event inadequate services or if he filed a written complaint after 8 days later returning from the street, the agency will not accept such objection.

10. Jurisdiction of the Court If the guest is not satisfied with how the agency solved his complaint, he has the right to initiate court proceedings. In this case, Zagreb city court (Općinski sud u Zagrebu) has jurisdiction Remark: We do not accept complaints for last minute bids as well as for any discounted service.