Truffle hunt and Istrian peninsula

For foodies, the truffle is one of the globe’s most coveted ingredients, celebrated in cuisine around the world. See firsthand where truffles come from on this guided tour from Zagreb, where you travel on Medvednica Mountain for a truffle hunting adventure. Follow your guide to learn how dogs seek out truffles, keep a close watch to see if they find anything, and wrap up your adventure with a tasting of truffle and honey products, included in the price. Join a private truffle hunt outside Zagreb, with a guide and truffle dog Learn about training dogs for truffle hunting, and see them seeking truffles.

Enjoy a more personal experience on this private tour, for up to six guests Get great inclusions like transit, equipment, and honey and truffle tastings.

PRICE – 149 Euro per person

Slavonia and eno gastro tour

Experience the beauty of traditional Slavonia, travel through the historic city of Vukovar all the way to Ilok! The town of Ilok with its medieval fortress is protected as a cultural heritage of Croatia. The easternmost settlement in Croatia, Slavonian town Ilok, is traditionally known for its wine brands. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Odescalchi dukes built the town’s famous wine cellars, the Old Cellars of Ilok (Stari Iločki podrumi).

One of the values and attractions of this tourist settlement are two wine cellars from the 15th and the 18th century in which for more than five hundred years maturation and care of high quality wines is being performed in a traditional way, in wooden oak barrels.The cellars also keep the valuable archive of Traminer, Welshriesling, Rheinriesling…

Price 149 Euros per person

Moslavina – Birds and bees tour

Views of the vineyards and Moslavina mountain, the story of the Moslavina region and a walk across the area with a visit to park of nature Lonjso polje and village Čigoč with the worlds most famous stark couple.

Next comes a visit to the family ethno collection and descent to the cellar to taste wines, making this a truly special tour. Yet, the pinnacle is the enjoyment of domestic cuisine specialties prepared before the guests, whether it is the Moslavina Table or family ‘kotlovina.’

Price 99 Euros per person